21st-century optimism

I’ve been called a very “modern” person, because I love technology. But the reason I love technology is because I love people. And I believe that, this century, technology is having a profound and positive effect on people; how we think, how we behave – how we live.

There are many who feel right now is one of the most frightening times in humanity’s history, and with valid reasons.  Even if you do believe, as I do, that humans are fundamentally designed to be forces for good in eachothers’ lives, power and money will always corrupt, and corrupt people manage to screw things up. And today, power-and-money empires have reached a level of sophistication that can seem impossibly formidable.

But I believe today is also the most fascinating and exciting time in our entire history, because things are happening that have never, ever happened before. Money and power have always loomed large, but they’ve yet to beat the human spirit into submission. And today, the human spirit has an unprecedented game-changer on its side: the internet. Ordinary people have never been able to communicate with eachother from around the world.

The internet is something totally new, and it’s re-shaping the playing field. Technology itself isn’t a force for change; it’s a channel for the organic forces that have always existed, that make humanity great: communication, empathy, thoughtfulness, spirituality. Those forces have taken a back seat for thousands of years, because their power is in numbers, and the physical expanse of the world has kept people separate. Today, that’s changing – and so the world is changing, in ways we’ve never seen before. It all starts with global communication – and that’s where this blog will start. Stay tuned!


One thought on “21st-century optimism

  1. David Sanger says:

    A good start Stephanie. and I agree these are very exciting times and the internet does change everything. We’ll see how it all unfolds…..

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